The Architect

iTangram is a fantasy arcade puzzle game where you need to interact with objects of different shapes. The story takes place in an ancient magic kingdom where magicians used the Crystal of Four Elements to control the weather and protect people from nature forces. However, one day the energy of the Crystal got out of control, thus provoking many natural cataclysms. By filling empty cells with objects of the right shapes you'll need to reconstruct some ruined castles and help the kingdom magicians to gain control over the raging elements once again.

All the objects of different shapes physically interact with each other, and they appear on the screen faster and faster as you play. Also, you will be able to use some magic runes to make the things easier: Time-slowing Rune, Trowel, Hammer, etc.

The game features excellent graphics and music, 50 levels in five different parts of the world, 5 bonus levels, enhanced physics, various achievements and leaderboard with OpenFeint integration.

In-Game Video

In-Game Video - Bonus Level